Big Game, Big Ads

a frame grame from a recent honda commercial that demonstrates great use of video storytelling to engage customters

OUR 2017 COMMENTARY We all know the big game is really just about the commercials! Here are some of our favorite ads right now! Stay tuned during the game! We’ll be live-tweeting our favorite ads @bylinefilms! And while we’re sure you enjoyed these Super Bowl Ads, we’re pretty proud of our work as well. Make sure to check it out …

Xerox Still Performing Miracles

Still frame grab from Xerox's Brother Dominic Video Production. A young monk carr

In 1977, “Brother Dominic” had just finished transcribing a page of scripture when he was asked to perform a seemingly insurmountable task…of making 500 copies! Luckily for him, the Xerox and its Xerox 9200 duplicating system was up to the task.

Smirnoff Parties with Baddie Winkle

Still from a recent video production by Smirnoff starring Baddie Winkle

December 23, 2016 ADAGE – Our Latest Takeaway Baddie Winkle proved that showing up in unexpected places can make you the life of the party. At 88 years old, no one expected Baddie Winkle to show up on Instagram, much less become one of its biggest stars. Ms. Winkle has a social media following that boasts over over 1.8 million …

Edelman: Rihanna’s ANTI diaRy: Room 8

DECEMBER 19, 2016 ANTIdiaRy was a partnership between Rihanna and Samsung orchestrated by Edelman’s digital team. The goal was to drive visibility for Samsung’s mobile devices and promote Rihanna’s upcoming album and tour. She reportedly received $25M for the collaboration. The first mysterious ad premiered at the American Music Awards – it directed viewers to “BBHMM” played lightly in …

The Richards Group: Reclaim the Kitchen

frame grab from a recent video for Viking

November 14, 2016 We can talk about The Richards Group’s videos forever – they consistently produce some of the best creative in the business. But one piece that really stood out to us was Wolf’s “Reclaim The Kitchen” story. The message was universal and undeniable: A home-cooked meal can bring the family together around the table. And guess what? Wolf …

Weber Shandwick: Think About Your Eyes

Man with VR headset. Still image from a recent video created for Essilor

December 2, 2016 Weber Shandwick Southwest has proven that virtual reality (VR) devices like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can be a powerful medium for advertising – specifically consumer education – by placing users in someone else’s shoes. Weber Shandwick Southwest used a virtual reality experience on behalf of their client Essilor of America to show parents first-hand what …