The Richards Group: Reclaim the Kitchen

frame grab from a recent video for Viking

TRG is Reclaiming the Kitchen for Wolf

November 14, 2016

We can talk about The Richards Group’s videos forever – they consistently produce some of the best creative in the business. But one piece that really stood out to us was Wolf’s “Reclaim The Kitchen” story. The message was universal and undeniable: A home-cooked meal can bring the family together around the table. And guess what? Wolf can help. You don’t have to be a master chef – just start with one night a week and build from there!

The visuals instantly grabbed our attention – every moment was aesthetically interesting. The art direction was impeccable – featuring plenty of bright, vivid textures. The high-resolution video allowed their post team to add dynamic, digital dolly moves on top of stop-motion animation. And the photography, in general, was well-styled and in keeping with the current crop of food porn on TV. Think Chef’s Table on Netflix. All of this kept us engaged. Other strong production elements included tasteful music and a nice voiceover that supported the client’s message – poignant, but not melodramatic or distracting.

The message was powerful. Wolf is a champion for healthy families. The structure was clean. There’s a problem in America – too much fast food and no family time; and there’s a solution – family dinners (powered by Wolf). Perfect. It’s a universally accepted problem, and a universally accepted solution – except Wolf is positioned as the owner of the solution. People, profit, planet…ESG…you know the deal. Wolf is a good choice for everybody.

Great job, TRG – this is definitely WORK WE ADMIRE!