Big Game, Big Ads

a frame grame from a recent honda commercial that demonstrates great use of video storytelling to engage customters

Big Game, Big Ads


We all know the big game is really just about the commercials! Here are some of our favorite ads right now!

The choice of Lady Gaga as a spokesperson for Tiffany’s is very interesting, the brand is not known for being particularly edgy so this will be a fun twist for the iconic company. Do I understand what she’s saying in the commercial? No. Will a loud room full of football fans? Absolutely not. But, hey, Lady GaGa’s in a Tiffany’s Ad!

Budweiser is always a frontrunner for the best Superbowl ad. This spot about their founding fathers (immigrants) is a moving and beautiful concept. Its politically timely theme is a bit tone deaf if they are trying to reach the actual American Budweiser drinker, but it proves political activism is alive and well amongst the jetsetting ad folks.

Another political ad! This Audi commercial narrates how a dad will raise his daughter in a world of equality. The narration and visual make for a compelling story. The soapbox car racing is nostalgic and explains the Audi is sitting there at the end of the ad – kind of.

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And while we’re sure you enjoyed these Super Bowl Ads, we’re pretty proud of our work as well. Make sure to check it out when you’re done here!