Edelman: Rihanna’s ANTI diaRy: Room 8

Edelman’s ANTIdiaRy:
Curiosity and the Consumer

DECEMBER 19, 2016

ANTIdiaRy was a partnership between Rihanna and Samsung orchestrated by Edelman’s digital team. The goal was to drive visibility for Samsung’s mobile devices and promote Rihanna’s upcoming album and tour. She reportedly received $25M for the collaboration.

The first mysterious ad premiered at the American Music Awards – it directed viewers to antidiary.com. “BBHMM” played lightly in the background, the scenes were haunting, and – most importantly – you had no clue what this was about – except, somehow, you knew this was Rihanna. The ad – especially for Rihanna fans – incited such incredible curiosity that you had to go see what it was all about. And, if you didn’t, it was going to drive you crazy.

Once viewers went to Antidiary.com, they discovered an immersive experience (only Samsung users could experience it in virtual reality). Fans followed a trail of clues to find out more about the album and it’s release date. They were rewarded with downloads, tickets to her tour, and even keepsake boxes with Samsung phones.

Samsung previously partnered with Jay-Z with his release of Magna Carta Holy Grail so it only made sense that they would do it again with his prodigy, RiRi. The experience was unique and on-brand for Rihanna, even though Samsung branding also displayed prominently at the end of each spot.

The ANTIdiaRy experience started a long conversation between fans, Rihanna, and Samsung. It associated a major brand with a Top 10 music artist. The result was one of the fastest albums to ever go platinum – and some major positive impressions for Samsung mobile devices. This is a great example of video storytelling being an indispensable part of a successful advertising campaign.

This is definitely WORK WE ADMIRE.