Xerox Still Performing Miracles

Still frame grab from Xerox's Brother Dominic Video Production. A young monk carr

Xerox Still Performing Miracles


January 13, 2017

In 1977, “Brother Dominic” had just finished transcribing a page of scripture when he was asked to perform a seemingly insurmountable task…making 500 copies! Luckily for him, Xerox and its Xerox 9200 duplicating system was up to the task. He proudly (and quickly) returned to his superior who declared, “It’s a miracle!” A job well done by Brother Dominic – and a great Super Bowl spot for Xerox.

Fast forward 40 years to 2017. A freshly cast “Brother Dominic” is back. This time he is again asked to make 500 copies – but not only that – he is asked to translate them into 35 languages, personalize them, and share across all seven continents.

We absolutely love this campaign! It’s wonderful how well this concept has held up over the years. A little dusting off of the ol’ script and the creative was ready to go. It’s a powerful example of a very basic, but very effective creative approach to commercial script writing: Demonstrate a problem and offer a solution. Who would have the greatest need for a copy machine? A monk! Who can solve his problem? Xerox, of course. Simple, funny, effective. A true classic.

Great job, Xerox! This is definitely Work We Admire.

Allen Kay
Needham, Harper & Steers

Leslie Sims
Y&R New York


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