Weber Shandwick: Think About Your Eyes

Man with VR headset. Still image from a recent video created for Essilor

Think About Your Eyes
A Virtual Reality Experience

December 2, 2016

Weber Shandwick Southwest has proven that virtual reality (VR) devices like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can be a powerful medium for advertising – specifically consumer education – by placing users in someone else’s shoes.

Weber Shandwick Southwest used a virtual reality experience on behalf of their client Essilor of America to show parents first-hand what life in a classroom is like with impaired vision. Parents were able to experience what it was like to see a chalkboard from the back of the classroom with different types of vision problems. They were also asked to perform basic classroom tasks with those same impairments. Overall, the parents’ experience reinforced a core message for Essilor: If you want your child to succeed in school, have their eyes checked every year!

This campaign is a great example of what to do with emerging technologies: Find the new, unique opportunities to communicate your message and utilize that to your client’s advantage. Weber’s campaign utilized Virtual Reality’s powerful ability to incite empathy to deliver a strong brand message.

For these reasons, the Think About Your Eyes campaign is definitely Work We Admire !

Weber Shandwick Southwest

Joe Childress, Michael Kontry

August 2016