Unique Locations to Film or Photograph in Texas

10 Unique Locations for Film and Photography in Texas

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*Please note that filming or photographing in these locations requires permission. See note at the bottom of this post.*

1 .Deep Ellum, TX

Grungy, rough, very cool – Deep Ellum is a photog’s dream. blah blah blah

2 . Scott’s House

Grungy, rough, very cool – but no parking fee required. Unlike Deep Ellum.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to have permission from property owners to film or photograph on private property. It is also very important to have proper film permits to film or photograph on public property. WE CAN HELP. Both private property owners and local/government officials are chiefly interested in one thing: minimizing the risk associated with film or photo shoots occurring on their property. This means having property and liability insurance. You also need to negotiate a contract with the private owners or obtain film permits from government officials. We carry the required insurance policies required for local, state, and federal film permits and can also negotiate contracts with private owners.

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August 8, 2019Weber Shandwick (WS) sets the bar for PR firms. And the creative work out of the Dallas office is second to none – this video is another great example of that...

2018 Chevy Equinox

shiny new car frame grab from a recent video production at Byline

Media Drive Event Coverage

April 26, 2017

An amazing update from Chevrolet, the 2018 Chevy Equinox was a pleasure to both drive and shoot during March Madness week in Greenville, South Carolina. We actually stayed in the same hotel as the UNC team, who went on to win the national championship.

Drive footage, interiors, exteriors, and interviews were interwoven to tell the story of the media event and journalists went home with a beauty reel of footage to use for their publications.

Byline handled location scouting of scenic drive routes, turnkey image acquisition, and expedited post production, including color grading.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox – Media Drive Event from Byline Films on Vimeo.

Our Best: Mind, Body, Spirit

Beautiful Woman on Bride at Dawn - Still from a Red Helium for a recent video project

WS Brings Their Best

February 24, 2017


Weber Shandwick (WS) sets the bar for PR firms. And the creative work out of the Dallas office is second to none – this video is another great example of that.

We are honored to be a trusted production partner for WS. They reached out to us about an immediate need to capture a little bit of the WS culture, specifically as it related to their Mind, Body, & Soul initiative.

What resulted was a true collaboration. Byline worked side by side with the WS team at every step along the way to quickly and beautifully execute their strong vision.

Shot on the new RED Helium sensor, this was also a fun test of the latest camera tech.

In addition to planning and shooting, Byline also handled post-production from ingest through delivery – and included a full online 8K 32-bit workflow. Editorial was handled in Adobe Premiere and color was handled in Byline’s Davinci Resolve suite powered by multiple NVIDIA GPUs.

Enjoy the final video and make sure to check out more sample video projects!


Weber Shandwick

Joe Childress (WS)
Michael Kontry (WS)
Grady Moore (Byline)

Grady Moore


Pre-Production Planning

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Gimbal Operator
Equipment Rental

Color Grading
Music Licensing
Sound Design & Mix

Big Game, Big Ads

a frame grame from a recent honda commercial that demonstrates great use of video storytelling to engage customters

Big Game, Big Ads


We all know the big game is really just about the commercials! Here are some of our favorite ads right now!

The choice of Lady Gaga as a spokesperson for Tiffany’s is very interesting, the brand is not known for being particularly edgy so this will be a fun twist for the iconic company. Do I understand what she’s saying in the commercial? No. Will a loud room full of football fans? Absolutely not. But, hey, Lady GaGa’s in a Tiffany’s Ad!

Budweiser is always a frontrunner for the best Superbowl ad. This spot about their founding fathers (immigrants) is a moving and beautiful concept. Its politically timely theme is a bit tone deaf if they are trying to reach the actual American Budweiser drinker, but it proves political activism is alive and well amongst the jetsetting ad folks.

Another political ad! This Audi commercial narrates how a dad will raise his daughter in a world of equality. The narration and visual make for a compelling story. The soapbox car racing is nostalgic and explains the Audi is sitting there at the end of the ad – kind of.

Stay tuned during the game! We’ll be live-tweeting our favorite ads @bylinefilms!

And while we’re sure you enjoyed these Super Bowl Ads, we’re pretty proud of our work as well. Make sure to check it out when you’re done here!


Xerox Still Performing Miracles

Still frame grab from Xerox's Brother Dominic Video Production. A young monk carr

Xerox Still Performing Miracles


January 13, 2017

In 1977, “Brother Dominic” had just finished transcribing a page of scripture when he was asked to perform a seemingly insurmountable task…making 500 copies! Luckily for him, Xerox and its Xerox 9200 duplicating system was up to the task. He proudly (and quickly) returned to his superior who declared, “It’s a miracle!” A job well done by Brother Dominic – and a great Super Bowl spot for Xerox.

Fast forward 40 years to 2017. A freshly cast “Brother Dominic” is back. This time he is again asked to make 500 copies – but not only that – he is asked to translate them into 35 languages, personalize them, and share across all seven continents.

We absolutely love this campaign! It’s wonderful how well this concept has held up over the years. A little dusting off of the ol’ script and the creative was ready to go. It’s a powerful example of a very basic, but very effective creative approach to commercial script writing: Demonstrate a problem and offer a solution. Who would have the greatest need for a copy machine? A monk! Who can solve his problem? Xerox, of course. Simple, funny, effective. A true classic.

Great job, Xerox! This is definitely Work We Admire.

Allen Kay
Needham, Harper & Steers

Leslie Sims
Y&R New York


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Chevy Brings North Pole to Texas

Little girl tells Santa what she wants for Christmas - screen grab from event video coverage for Chevrolet

Chevy Brings North Pole to Texas

And we made a video about it for WFAA

December 23, 2016

This holiday season Chevrolet and the Boys and Girls Club brought the north pole down to Mesquite, Texas. 200 children from ages 6 to 18 were surprised to find a winter wonderland waiting for them when they arrived at the Boys & Girls Club after school. The children were welcomed with a yard filled with snow, complete with a big slide for them to sled down. And, of course, a video production crew there to capture the whole thing!

Inside, Mr. and Mrs. Claus were waiting with their helper elves. Children were able to tell Santa what they wanted for christmas, eat PIzza Hut pizza, get their face painted, and watch handmade balloon animals being made. Santa also surprised the children with holiday gifts!

Sean Lowe, from ABC’s 2013 The Bachelor, even stopped by and joined in the winter fun, taking pictures with the children, and playing in the snow.

Byline Films was proud to capture the event with both photos and video for three of the biggest brands in the world: Chevrolet, the Boys and Girls Club, and Santa Claus himself!


Smirnoff Parties with Baddie Winkle

Still from a recent video production by Smirnoff starring Baddie Winkle

Smirnoff Parties With Baddie Winkle

December 23, 2016

ADAGE – Our Latest Takeaway

Baddie Winkle proved that showing up in unexpected places can make you the life of the party. At 88 years old, no one expected Baddie Winkle to show up on Instagram, much less become one of its biggest stars. Ms. Winkle has a social media following that boasts over over 1.8 million followers – on par with the biggest millennial celebs. Smirnoff, powered by their agency 72andSunny, tapped into this phenomenon and made Ms. Winkle the spokeswoman of its new product offering called “Ice Electric.”

Smirnoff’s “Ice Electric” is non-carbonated and features a screw-on lid – think alcoholic Gatorade. It’s geared towards the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) crowd and allows partygoers to “keep it moving” (ie. keep dancing and drinking) without making a mess. And what better personifies keeping the party going than someone that’s been – presumably – doing it for 75+ years? Baddie Winkle was a visually provocative and instantly shareable choice.

Smirnoff and 72 made a predictable move by targeting the large and growing EDM subculture – and they had a lot of fun capitalizing on the popularity of Ms. Winkle to drive home “Ice Electric’s” brand promise. She was probably a lot cheaper than Selena Gomez too!

According to their website, Baddie’s been “stealing your man since 1928.” This campaign definitely evoked The Most Interesting Woman in the World. It would be hard to match Dos Equis’ legendary male-led campaign, but in Baddie Winkle they had a much larger, targeted built-in audience as a platform.

This AdAge Takeaway was Inspired by this Article on AdAge.com


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