Unique Locations to Film or Photograph in Texas

10 Unique Locations for Film and Photography in Texas

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*Please note that filming or photographing in these locations requires permission. See note at the bottom of this post.*

1 .Deep Ellum, TX

Grungy, rough, very cool – Deep Ellum is a photog’s dream. blah blah blah

2 . Scott’s House

Grungy, rough, very cool – but no parking fee required. Unlike Deep Ellum.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to have permission from property owners to film or photograph on private property. It is also very important to have proper film permits to film or photograph on public property. WE CAN HELP. Both private property owners and local/government officials are chiefly interested in one thing: minimizing the risk associated with film or photo shoots occurring on their property. This means having property and liability insurance. You also need to negotiate a contract with the private owners or obtain film permits from government officials. We carry the required insurance policies required for local, state, and federal film permits and can also negotiate contracts with private owners.

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